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Your Messaging To Customers During The Supply Chain Crisis

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Supply and inventory shortages are everywhere and are affecting just about every industry right now. Vehicles, furniture, lumber, coffee, beef, computer name it.

Be Brutally Honest

When your inventory is suffering from shortages and shipping delays, brutal honesty is your best marketing strategy to earn customers’ trust and hold on during these difficult times. What do I mean by “brutal honesty”? —being honest, direct and detailed about the status of your inventory and why you are in this current situation.

Offer Your Customer Insight

But what about the mantra of never saying “no” and never letting the customer know the details? Well, normally this would stand, but these are extraordinary times and circumstances. The customer needs to understand that these inventory issues are world-wide, and not the result of any incompetence on your part. At this point any other explanation only serves to give them a false hope or misguidance. When you offer your customers some insight on what is going on and what you're doing to address the challenges, it helps them realize that you’re on top of the situation and doing everything you can to serve them. Most customers will appreciate your candidness and feel more confident that you will keep them posted on any changes or updates that affect their interests.

Proactive Messaging

Your marketing messaging needs to reflect this openness and offer solutions and advice on how customers can forecast the way things are playing out in the vast supply chain. Give customers tips on how to possibly get ahead of any future shortages by pre-ordering and avoiding last-minute shopping.

Be proactive and brutally honest in your messaging. Share the details and inform customers on the global situation, and offer possible work-arounds, allowing them to develop a trusting relationship with you as you navigate through these difficult times.

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