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Effective Digital Marketing During Inventory Shortages

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Demand from consumers is remaining high during a time when dealers are experiencing supply chain and inventory issues due to the pandemic.

As long as this situation continues, it becomes more and more important to maintain a presence in your market so that you’ll be ready to quickly take advantage of inventory increases. Here are some ways to handle your digital advertising campaign during this time of high demand.

Keep Your Ads In Sync with Your Current Inventory

Employ model specific ads, with accurate graphics and copy, using dynamic ads, if possible. This type of display and retargeting advertising reflects your current inventory as listed on your website. With this technology, the ads automatically update according to your inventory changes. Otherwise, even daily updating can reap benefits by presenting potential customers with ads reflecting their actual interests.

Always Continue Branding

We don’t know exactly when the current situation will return to normal, however it remains vitally important to continue your branding and image campaigns. Use geo-conquesting advertising to showcase the advantages of doing business with you and illustrate what sets you apart. You can also send monthly newsletters to reach out to your potential customers and keep them informed on the current status of your inventory. Keeping them in the loop means they’re keeping you top of mind.

Service Specials And Offers

Reach out to potential customers who need vehicle service or parts. Include service specials and promotions in your paid search and social media campaigns. The benefits of a campaign like this are to generate leads from customers who may soon be interested in buying a vehicle.

Offer To Purchase Campaigns

In your digital marketing campaigns, use keywords based on purchasing customer’s used vehicles. When you increase your inventory in this way, you can also launch pre-owned model-specific retargeting and dynamic ads.

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