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Are you doing your SEO correctly?

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Here’s how you can tell if yours is well planned:

On-site Optimization

Does your website show Google and other search engines that it is relevant to what the user is searching for? On-site optimization is the process of preparing your site for “ web crawlers” to comb through its content. This process involves meta data preparation, alt descriptors, placing keywords and making sure your content is up to par. This is an on-going process that involves tracking your progress to see how keywords are performing, keeping content on your site up to date and generally making Google “happy”.

Off-site Optimization

Does your website show Google and other search engines that it is trustworthy? Off-site optimization is the process of getting popular and trustworthy sites to link back to your site. This is done by “back-linking” or building links from authoritative sites on the web that will, in turn, link back to your site and improve its authority.


Are your SEO efforts affecting positive rankings changes on your site? To know that the proper work is being done, you should start to see improvements over time. Positive rankings take time to be clear, and may not happen overnight. In fact, progress may not happen in a linear fashion. There will probably be some ups and downs. However, the overall trend should be a steady improvement in your rankings.


Are you seeing increased traffic to your site that brings sales conversions? There are several techniques involved in this final step called conversion rate optimization, or CRO. This is a major effort featuring strategies that analyze the traffic to your site to determine the percentage of visitors who are taking certain actions. This data is then used to go back into the optimization of your site to improve your conversion rate.

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